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Photo of the Week: View from the Hammock

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Sometimes you just need to relax and enjoy all that the world has to offer and be thankful for what you have been given.  It’s so easy to get tied up with all of the little details of life, even when traveling, and it’s important to spend a little time reflecting on what really matters.  It’s easier to do this when you can sit in a hammock on a rooftop by your pool.

Cuz Phuket, it’s cheap! – The Phuket Night Market

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One of the great staples of Southeast Asia is the ever-prevalent night market.  This is where all of the vendors, after spending a day napping in a chair in their shops while tourists play at the beach, wake up and hawk their wares in consumergasm of hundreds of small stalls while the smells of street foods seep into every nook and cranny. It’s something that you’ll find all over the area, but the Phuket Night Market is a superlative version …

Phuket Beach: The Nudist Beach You Wish Wasn’t

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When one hears the term nude beach, images of perfectly cut, bustily appointed, olympic-athlete-meets-fashion-model perfection comes to mind.  Unfortunately, there is an inescapable phenomenon in the world of nudistry: the likelihood of an individual deciding to bare it all is inversely proportional to the number of people who would desire to see that person naked.  Of course, the one exception is where money and/or Hugh Hefner are involved, but as they are rarely present at most beaches, we will leave …

Beautiful Crescents: The Islamic Arts Center

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Malaysia is one of the bastions of Islam in the Asian world, and it is a heritage of which the people are most proud.  As a tribute to this tradition, the Islamic Arts Museum has gathered over 7,000 artifacts from throughout the Islamic world in order to show off the beauty of the art that the world’s second largest religion.   From the building itself to the vast collection, it is a display not to be missed. Unlike the majority of …

Photo of the Week: Radiator Heaven

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The back of a building in Kuala Lumpur looks more like a circuitboard rather than a residence, but the large assortment of air conditioning units makes for some great atmosphere.  Kuala Lumpur is a densely packed metropolis so there are often many people crammed into relatively modest building.  I suppose it’s just good they actually have air conditioning.

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