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Found in Sydney: Heath Ledger’s Old Apartment

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According to our local host, this is where Heath Ledger used to live.  It’s right next to Bronte Beach, which is just south of the famous Bondi Beach.  He certainly had good taste in terms of location.

Darling Harbour Christmas & Fireworks

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As part of theevents taking place at the newly reinvigorated Darling Harbor area, there was a Christmas celebration taking place throughout the month of December right down by the harbor.  It provides a great venue for all of the festivities as it looks right out on the waterfront and is filled with good restaurants and bars. We unknowingly already went to one of these events, whcih was the Santa Fun Run.  In addition to this, acapella groups were performing Christmas …

Merry Christmas from Sydney Town Hall

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Walking back from Darling Harbor, we found that the Town Hall was wishing everyone a Merry Christams.  The lights were being projected from across the street with impressive color for that distance.  The pattern changed every couple minutes and even animated with the letters dropping into place from above.

Food in Sydney – The Bentley Restaurant

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After doing our best to pinch pennies along our route, we decided to splurge a little on good food and headed to The Bentley Restaurant in Sydney.  The restaurant was created by Brent Savage, a chef that use to work for chef Mark Best at Marque, one of the 4 Australian restaurants rated among the top 100 restaurants in the world.  So when we heard about it, we thought that this was the way to go. We used the old …

Government House and Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney

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The Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney are located downtown right next to Opera House and Circular Quay, where you can come and go by Ferry.  This is another great place to go when you are on a budget as it’s completely free.  It is, essentially, a large urban park in the vein of Central Park in New York, Forest Park in St. Louis, or Ueno Park in Tokyo.  It offer some fantastic open spaces and fields to take a break …