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Old Saint Paul’s Church in Wellington

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Though I’ve never been a believer, I have always believed that churches have some fantastic architecture, and while I might not agree with some of what is taught there, the artistry of them is not to be denied.  With this in mind, I always like to visit churches, temples, etc. on our travels, so in Wellington we made a stop at Old Saint Paul’s.  From the outside, it looks like a pretty non-descript, average church, but this simple facade covers …

Food in Wellington: Breakfast, Sunday Roast, & Capitol

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Wellington is known as a foodie’s heaven, and it’s easy to know why.  It has an almost inexplicable amount of restaurants, cafes, and bars, all of which have their own cool style and look impressively tempting.  There are trendy bars with neon and sexy mood lighting, there are British pubs with warm wood interiors and delicious fried froods, and there are plenty of comfy cafes to while the day away.  The main drags of Courtenay Place and Cuba street are …

A Ring around the City

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I’m a nerd.  I admit that.  And few things can get my inner nerd excited like a Lord of the Rings tour around Wellington, the location of the main studios and where they filmed a number of scenes for the film.  Ever since the films made their debut, these types of tours have been sprouting up around Wellington.  We went with one of the tour companies that was recommended to us, which was quite conveniently named, Movie Tours.  Our guide, …

Zealandia: Wildlife Sanctuary and Urban Oasis

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For a change of pace, we decided to go off into the highly recommended Zealandia, which is a wildlife sanctuary located a 15 minute drive away from the city.  They even started a free shuttle service around July 2011, making it easy as pie to get to. Zealandia has a unique predator-proof fence that they use to create a refuge for the animals free from the predators introduced by foreigners to New Zealand, which would normally hunt them.  This has …

Food in Wellinton: Kumara Hashbrowns with Breakfast

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For a paltry NZ$6, we enjoyed the lovely breakfast of 2 eggs scrambled over toast as well as kumara hashed browns.  Kumara is a type of sweet potato that is indiginous to New Zealand.  Naoko wasn’t quite sold, but I thought the mix of the sweet of the potatoe and the light salt was really nice and mixed well with the eggs.  Either way, can’t complain for 6 bucks.