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Found in Wellington: Monsoon Poon

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Interesting name….sounds steamy.

Wellington Botanic Gardens

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Located at the top of the historic cable car and overlooking the city, is the very well done Botanic Gardens.  It’s always open and free to enter, meaning it’s ready to enjoy at any time, whether that be sunrise or sunset, midnight or midday. The views of the city are absolutely gorgeous as it sits atop a hill above the city looking down to the harbor below.  The gardens themselves are well plotted out with paths well marked out both …

Found in Wellington: Real Denny’s

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One of the biggest heart breaks of my life occurred when, on a dreary night in Japan, I went in seek of the comfort of late-night breakfast goodness available at Denny’s.  However, as I looked over the menu at Japanese Denny’s, I had the horrible realization that this Denny’s had nothing in common other than the logo with the bastion of drunken satiation that I knew and loved. However, Wellington knows what’s up and proudly features breakfast at their Denny’s.  …

Wellington: First Impressions

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We love Wellington!  If you want an impression, that’s it.  Wellington is a about a third of the size of Auckland (400K vs. 1.2 Million people), but it has 10 times the charm.  As the former capital, it is the cultural home of New Zealand, and that’s a good thing.  It was also named as one of the top five places to visit in 2011 by Lonely Planet and is known as the “cool capital” of the southern hemisphere.  It’s …

How to be a Classy Nerd

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Since I was a kid, I’ve always stared up at the stars in wonder and dragged my parents to the science center whenever I could.  Which is why, when we found out the local planetarium was having a special wine and bread night, we couldn’t pass it up. The Stardome planetarium is located in a park right next to One Tree Hill, one of the fantastic lookout spots near Auckland.  It’s not particularly huge, but it was recently rennovated and …