Baclayon Church in Bohol, Philippines

Colors of Church

Baclayon Church is the oldest church on Bohol and the second oldest church in all of the Philippines. I won’t claim that it looks new, but the old girl has been kept up remarkably well given that she’s going on 300 years old right now. Not only that, but she’s still the star of the show as the church is one of the stops on the standard (but worthwhile) one day tour of Bohol. There is a museum of the church at an additional charge, but exploring the church itself is free and is really enough.

Tower of the second oldest ChurchCandles in front of the Church

The structure itself is massive and it really is impressive that they could build such large open areas out of stone almost 300 years ago. It really does speak to the ability of the Spanish to build no matter where they went. Of course, slave labor helps, but I’ll take that up with the next conquistador I find. Either way, whoever did the work did an impressive job.

My favorite part of the church is the amazing use of color, both in the stained glass windows as well as in the sanctuary area. When light is streaming in, it really bathes the interior of the church with such amazing color and warmth. It does feel almost otherwordly even now, and I can only imagine the impression it would have had on people who had never seen something similar.

Inside the church

The church itself is still very much active and you will see both parishioners as well as school children attending mass and in prayer. It’s great that such a phenomenal building can still be used in the way it was intended. Also, as a super cute bonus, there is an elementary school next door to remind you that no matter where you go, kids will be kids, playing and smiling.

Come in to Play

The Universality of Kids at Play

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  1. Barb Forrest

    Happpy 30th Aaron!!! Your blog is awesome. I’m so happy that you have been able to take this trip of a lifetime. I talked to your mom last night and she told me all about seeing you in Thailand. Sounded fantastic! Hope you find some candles to blow out and make a wish on today!

    • Aaron

      Hi Barb! Good to hear from you! I definitely had an interesting 30th with a night out on the town in Bangkok! Not something I will soon forget.
      Hope you and the gang are doing well and would be great to see you when we swing by Seattle.

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