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Singapore’s Ethnic Areas: Difference Defines an Island

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Difference is what makes Singapore unique.  Long has it been the melting pot for various asian cultures as Chinese, Indians, Arabs, as well as Malaysians, Indonesians, and countless others vied for a piece of the lucrative trade that has flowed through the area for hundreds of years.  Whatever brought them to the island originally, this mixing of cultures has created a unique environment of combinations and contrasts in which you can get a different cultural experience just by walking a few blocks down the street.   This is not even to mention the paradise that this has created for foodies with a wanderlust-filled palatte.

As we were told at the Singapore Tourist Information Center by our very helpful assistant, you cannot really say you’ve visited Singapore without visiting the 3 main ethnic areas: Chinatown, Little India, and the Arab Quarter.  These are enclaves where people from these cultures found a place to protect their traditions while at the same time mixing with others.  Each is a unique experience and should not be missed. Read more

Found in Singapore: Shrooms Burger at KFC

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You wait in line at the KFC to order the Shrroms burger, half wondering if the other people will judge you, but half not caring.  With shifty eyes, you order the burger and head to your table in the corner.  As you sink your teeth into the burger, the crispiness of the chicken plays on your tongue as the earthy flavor of the shrooms fills your palette. The food slides easily down your throat to go dance in your stomach as you hear trumpets crying out victory.  The devil appears on your shoulder telling you to take another bite and you turn to the other shoulder for another opinion, but the other guy is not there.  A few minutes later, the angel pops up, with gravy trailing down his face and apologizes for being late because he was having his own Shrooms burger.  So you take bite after fulfilling bite of the amazing shrooms burger, feeling like you’ve made the best decision in your life.  Then the animals come out…

Found in Singapore: BK Whopper Bar

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Whopper + Beer = Genius.  You eat fast food before drinking and drinking inevitably leads to eating greasy foods way too late in the night.  Why not take care of all of that in one spot?  It may not be classy, but it is effective.

Best Singapore Fine: No Durians!

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I would just like to applaud the city-state of Singapore for having the courage to do what’s right and finally discriminate against this fruit as they should.  I’m all for produce equality, but when one member of the community has been committing odorous offences for years without remorse, there comes a time when the powers that be have to come and ensure the rights of the populous to be free from nasal assault.  Personally, I’d much rather be surrounded by pets and animals than surrounded by durians.  Well done, Singapore.

Found in Singapore: Kickapoo Joy Juice

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IMG_2412Kickapoo Joy juice raises a number of questions.  Why is it so green?  Does it have something to do with the nuclear cloud that seems to come from the pot of it on the label?  Is it really from the USA?  Is the original USA recipe superior to other Joy Juice recipes?  Will drinking this give me super powers or just diabetes?

Who cares?  Get that kick!