Food in Melaka: Pak Putra

Curry at Pak Putra

Arriving in Melaka, Malaysia, the first piece of advice that the manager of the guesthouse had for us was to go to Pak Putra, and the man was not wrong.  Ranked on Trip Advisor as well, Pak Putra not only offers your standard Indian curry fare at very reasonable prices (7 ringit or about US$2), but they have the best tandoori chicken on the planet.  So juicy, you might as well be eating underwater, and so perfectly spiced that you are instantly transported to a Calcutta kitchen.  This is not to mention the fantastic spicy potato nan, which was something altogether new to me, yet fantstically wonderful. For a small sum, we ate like kings and filled our bellies on the delicious feast before us and left feeling happily stuffed.  If you go to Melaka, whatever you do, don’t miss out on this place.  It may not be fancy, but the food is first class and then some.

Pak Putra and the Best Tandoori Chicken Ever

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