Found in Auckland: Good Mexican Food!

I have been living in Japan for the past 7+ years and I love being there.  In general, the food to be found in Japan, especially in Tokyo, is amazing and you are hard pressed for find a bad meal.  It does, however, have one critical flaw: a sever lack of good Mexican restaurants.

Image my excitemen (and drool) when we came across a Mexican restaurant tucked back into a side street in Auckland.  Jalapenos is run by a number of Mexican immigrants (as well as our lovely Columbian waitress), and serves traditional and delicious Mexican dishes with enough on the plate to make you immediately aware that you are no longer in Japan (a land of small servings).

Traditional New Zealand Mexican Food_1280_for_Web  Traditional NZ Enchilladas_1280_for_Web

The food was amazing, the atmosphere was chill, and the people were extremely friendly.  If you happen to be in Auckland, I highly recommend it.  It might not be traditional New Zealand food, but trust me, you’ll forgive yourself.

Jalapeno’s Mexican Grill
Ph: 09 377 8384

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  1. Team Jalapeño's

    Hi Guys,

    We red about Jalapeño’s in your blog. And just want to say on behalf of all the Team Jalapeño’s…

    THANK YOU!!!

    • ashumaker

      Our pleasure! We really had a fantastic meal there and it had been so long since I’d had great, authentic Mexican food. Keep it up and I hope I can make it back sometime!

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