Found in Singapore: Shrooms Burger at KFC


You wait in line at the KFC to order the Shrroms burger, half wondering if the other people will judge you, but half not caring.  With shifty eyes, you order the burger and head to your table in the corner.  As you sink your teeth into the burger, the crispiness of the chicken plays on your tongue as the earthy flavor of the shrooms fills your palette. The food slides easily down your throat to go dance in your stomach as you hear trumpets crying out victory.  The devil appears on your shoulder telling you to take another bite and you turn to the other shoulder for another opinion, but the other guy is not there.  A few minutes later, the angel pops up, with gravy trailing down his face and apologizes for being late because he was having his own Shrooms burger.  So you take bite after fulfilling bite of the amazing shrooms burger, feeling like you’ve made the best decision in your life.  Then the animals come out…

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