Malaysian Buses: First Class Travel by Fridgidaire


Your bus is awful.  Sorry, but it is.  It has 4 seats to a row, with chairs designed to fit only half of your rear, and that’s to say nothing of the fat guy next to you whose rear is spilling over from his seat into yours.  It has worn out, uncomfortable seats that incline a total of 1.27 degrees and don’t even have enough legroom for a double amputee.  Plus, it smells of some mixture of sweat, shame, and 1973.

Well get off of that Greyhound, my friend, and head to Malaysia, where bus travel is an art that has been perfected.  The business class buses, which cost maybe US$10 for about a 4 hours ride, are designed to please.  With the good buses having only 27 seats, this means 3 seats per row, and I’m not talking about deriere destructo seats.  The seats on the bus are wide and plush, recline to about a 45 degree angle, and offer plenty of legroom.  There are even executive buses that have entertainment systems in them, just like in modern aircraft.  It changes bus travel from a last, budget-mandated resort to an enjoyable experience.

Of course, the only problem is that the buses seem to run on freon, as they tend to be kept about as warm as an ice box.  When we asked the driver to cut the A/C, he did happily comply….for about 10 minutes, at which point he must have seen the ice in his glass melting and decided to turn the cooler back on.

Still, as long as you bundle up, buses are a great way to see Malaysia.  Some other companies could definitely learn a thing or two by a visit.  I’m looking at you Greyhound.

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