Old Saint Paul’s Church in Wellington

Old St Pauls outside_1280_for_WebThough I’ve never been a believer, I have always believed that churches have some fantastic architecture, and while I might not agree with some of what is taught there, the artistry of them is not to be denied.  With this in mind, I always like to visit churches, temples, etc. on our travels, so in Wellington we made a stop at Old Saint Paul’s.  From the outside, it looks like a pretty non-descript, average church, but this simple facade covers a building with a rich history, dating back to 1865.

The inside of the church has a wonderful, old-world feel, with warm wood everywhere, with just enough light coming in to create a warm atmosphere.

Old St Pauls Church - Wellington_1280_for_Web

This atmosphere is further enhanced by a number of stained glass windows that are truly beautifully done and add a hint of color to the room.

stain glass window at old st pauls_1280_for_Webstain glass window at old st pauls 2_1280_for_Web

Old St Pauls looking forward_1280_for_Web

On the right, in the picture above, you will see a US Marines flag as well as an American flag with 48 stars.  This is to honor the men of the Marine corps who frequented the church during World War II.  As the Japanese expanded their empire and won early victories in the war in the Pacific, it was decided that a contingent of the US Marines would be stationed in New Zealand, based out of Wellington.  This would provide security for New Zealand as well as an operational base for the Marines in the area.  Many of the servicemen would seek solace in the church, and there is a plaque commemorating them to this day.

If you like the feel of old churches, Old Saint Paul’s is a beautiful place to visit.

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