Our Packing List for Around the World Travel

Below is what is currently in our packs.  We won’t claim that this is the definitive packing list that all people must abide by, it’s just what works for us.  As always, the key is to find what is necessary for you and stick just with that.  Remember that light is beautiful.


Bags & Packing

Osprey Porter 46 – The backpack Aaron uses and loves. Carryon size but big enough for what you need.

Gregory Jade 28 – The great suspension system makes it super easy for Naoko to carry this around.

Eagle Creek Packing Cubes – Aaron uses them in his bag and they really help make everything accessible.

Isuka Cordura Pack Cover – Is rainproof, fits in a small pouch, does it’s job well.

Sea to Summit Ultra-sil Daypack – Packs up smaller than a monkey fist and really durable

Compression Bags – Without these Nao’s clothes would not fit in her bag.




Marmot Mountain Sunny Shirt – Light and doesn’t make you look like a dirty backpacker.

Columbia Silver Ridge Long Sleeve Shirt – Light, breathable, quick dry….awesome!

Marmot Cruz Pants – Very lightweight & breathable with zippable pockets

Marmot Matador Pants – Slightly heavier than the above and with a bit more insulation but still light

ExOfficio Give-n-Go Boxer Briefs – Love ‘em! Lightweight, wick water away, and coated for easy cleaning

Uniqlo Silky Dry Crew Neck T-shirts (x2) – God bless Uniqlo. Light and silky on your skin.

Uniqlo Dry Socks (x3 pair) – Fairly average dry socks. Should probably look to upgrade…

Lowe Alpine Rombuk fleece – Nice and light but quite warm. Perfect for those chilly evenings.

Columbia Saber Trail Running Shoes – Waterproof, light, very red. They’ve been great so far.

Millet GoreTex Baseball Cap – Waterproof so keeps both the sun and rain out of my eyes.



Jack Wolfskin Cascade Shirt – Has vents in the back that keep it breathing and keep Nao cool.

Marmot Pants – Helps keep Nao both warm and cool, as well as nice and dry.

Lowe Alpine Rombuk fleece – Same as Aaron’s, but Nao’s is in pretty blue.

Montrail Mountain Masochist GTX Shoe – Waterproof and durable. Still holding up well.

Hiking Socks – Good for extra cushion on those days with lots of walking.

Normal Socks (x4) – Ummmm….normal socks.

Uniqlo Dry Underwear



Acer Aspire Timeline X – Could always go lighter or faster, but at $600, it’s great value and we’re happy.

iPhone 4 – We both have one of these and can’t imagine living without them.

Klipsch Image S4 in-ear headphones – Naoko gets by with the iPhone freebies, Aaron needs audio power.

Cannon 5D Mark II SLR Camera – My child. I’m always nervous about it, but without it, what’s the point?

Kindle with Keyboard & 3G – Absolutely love it and saves so much weight / space instead of books



Lush Solid Shampoo – Really love these! They last quite a while and soap up just like shampoo.

Pepto Bismol – Comes in handy for those desperate moments

Immodium A-D – While Pepto is good for upset stomach, this is the stuff to use for times more urgent.

Excedrin – Aaron gets headaches, and when it comes to that, Excedring never fails.

Gorilla Tape Handy Roll – Great for those quick repairs. We’ve already used it to repair a window.

Right Guard Speed Stick – For conquering American strength stink. The asian stuff is often too weak.

Neosporin Neo-to-go! – Easy-to-carry pack of this antiseptic for all those little cuts and scrapes

Band-Aids – Those branding wizards worked becaues I always trust the name



Ciak Duo Journal – A good small combo journal and planner in a nice leather bound notebook.

Do It Rubber Sink Stopper – Great for doing laundry where there’s no other way to stop up the sink

Light My Fire Spork – Great for when you want to self-cater from grocery stores.