Sightseeing in Ubud

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Photo of the Week: Sunset at Alona Beach

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Sky on fire above Alona Beach_1280_for_Web

Though sunset over the beach is often nice, the scene we found on Alona beach when we arrived was nothing short of spectacular.  The sky was ablaze in beautiful shades of orange, yellow, and pink where the coulds moved in front of a fragile blue sky.  I have seen many sunsets in my life, but few I will remember more than this one.

Found in Bohol: Husband Day Care

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For all of the troubled wives that feel they have no time for themselves, an enterprizing bar near Alona Beach offers the answer: Husband Day Care.  It leaves you free to pursue all of the shopping, manicuring, and scented-candling that you desire without having to worry about someone hurrying you out of the store because the game is about to start.  Sounds like a win-win to me.


Food on Alona Beach, Bohol, Philippines

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Alona beach, being quite popular with tourists, offers quite a number of restaurants and bars right along the beach.  Whether you are looking for Thai, Indian, Philippino, or Western food, you are sure to find what you are looking for.  There are also a number of fresh seafood restaurants where you can select the exact fish that you want to dine on that evening and the cooks will prepare it for you right then and there.

Pick a fish any fish_1280_for_WebBarbecue on the beach_1280_for_Web

A tropical bar_1280_for_WebChoosing the best fish_1280_for_Web

Of course, in the end, our favorite ended up being a takeout pizza from the Powderkeg Bar which we then happily devoured on the beach while taking in the sun setting over the ocean.


Sometimes you have to enjoy the simple things in life.

Braving the Philippino Masses at Sinulog 2012 in Cebu

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Cuz Badasses wear neon yellow and pink_1280_for_Web

If you love the baby Jesus, or at least love a good party, then mark your calendar for the 3rd Sunday in January and head to Cebu in the Philippines for Sinulog.  This is when thousands of people flood the streets of Cebu City to honor the image of the Santo Nino (baby Jesus) in a combination parade and street festival that lasts from the morning well into the night, as Cebuanos party on.

The main feature in the daytime is the parade, which starts from various points in the city, but ultimately comes together at Osmena Circle, where all the different groups tour around the center.  This spot offers the best view of all of the festivities, which is why it is impressively crowded, though still recommended if you can get there early.  What you have in store is a seemingly endless parade of floats both normal and strange (not sure how Transformers and Star Wars link to the baby Jesus), groups dressed in impressive costumes, and moving drum groups.

Juice Break_1280_for_WebFrog or asparagus_1280_for_Web

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