Sydney: (Not Quite) First Impressions

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Darling Harbor at night 3 HDR_1280_for_Web

So while I will be trying to give my first impressions for all of the places we visit, having been to Sydney about 15 years ago, I can’t quite claim this to be a first impression.  Instead, just think of it as something slightly tempered by youthful, past experience.  Be that as it may, it felt good to be back in the Habour City (notice that’s “Harbour” with the extra British, emperial “u” added in).   It makes sense that this is Sydney’s nickname as the city is defined, to a great degree, by its famous harbor.  When in and around downtown, you’re never far from water, and this is part of the key experience of the city.  From the newly renovated and chic Darling Harbor area, to the Ferry’s launching off of Circular Quay, to the old attractions next to the sea at Luna Park, Sydney is intimately connected to water.

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North New Zealand

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Aucklandは、上のマップに載っていません。。。右下のNorth Shoreよりも少し下です。車でAucklandを出発して、目指すは、一番左上のCape Reingaです。


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Sunday Roast / Gelato / Old Saint Paul’s church / Delicious dinner

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ブランチは、Courtenay Place沿いにあるパブにて。お値段なんとこの量でたったのNZ$6です!


街中をプラプラし、ホテルに戻って休息。夜は、1階のパブで、サンデーローストを食べました。 (NZ$13.90)

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A Trip to New Zealand’s Far North

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The northern part of New Zealand’s North Island is known reverently as the Far North.  To those of us from the States, it is not, geographically speaking, that far (about 400 kilometers or so to the northern tip at Cape Reinga), but in a psychological sense, it feels very far.  In a country of only about 4 million people, with a third living in the South Island and another 1.2 million stuck in Auckland, the north is a place where few live and it feels far removed from the every day experience of most kiwis.  Additionally, given that going north in the southern hemisphere is equivalent to going south in the north, the far north boasts some beautfiul, warm vacation areas that are highly desirable as holiday destinations.

Coopers Beach_1280_for_WebHaving already spent a week in the City of Sails, we decided to rent a car and go up north to experience some of the North Island’s further reaches.  We headed out from the airport and headed up State Highway 1, headed for the Bay of Islands, an area full of, strangely enough, a large number of small islands (I never said the kiwis were creative with their naming).  Getting there late, we used the tried and true technique of sleeping in a car park in the back of our rented van.  Waking up in the morning, we sat by the ocean to enjoy the beautiful, sunny start to the day.

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Movie Tour

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知っている人も多いと思いますが、「ロード オブ ザ リング」は、ほとんどがピーター・ジャクソン監督の Read more