How to be a Classy Nerd

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Since I was a kid, I’ve always stared up at the stars in wonder and dragged my parents to the science center whenever I could.  Which is why, when we found out the local planetarium was having a special wine and bread night, we couldn’t pass it up.

Stardome sign_1280_for_WebThe Stardome planetarium is located in a park right next to One Tree Hill, one of the fantastic lookout spots near Auckland.  It’s not particularly huge, but it was recently rennovated and has a nice little museum display complete with some interactive displays.  Of course, the main event we were there for was The Stories of the Stars, one of a series of Tuesday night special events that they hold once a week.  We were ushered into the planetarium, where our two hosts took us through a number of constellations, covering both the stories behind them and then zooming in to show the nebulae, galaxies, and other objects that can be found within them.

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TE PAPA / cable car / Botanic Garden

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多くのパブやレストランで朝食(breakfast)メニューがあり、NZ$5-10ぐらいで食べることができる。 Read more

Food in Auckland: Fish and Chips

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Catch 22 Fish and Chips_1280_for_WebWhile on the plane to New Zealand, the lovely woman sitting next to us recommended that we go just across the bay from Auckland to a seaside town called Devonport, and indulge in the local favorit of fish and chips while sitting down near the water.  Who are we to disobey?

We went down to Catch 22, on the main strip just outside the port and decided to grab a little Tarakihi and chips while we waited for the ferry.

Unlike most fast food places, both fish and chips were made up after we ordered them so they were piping hot and juicy.  An altogether pleasant (if artery clogging) experience.

Fish and Chips eaten by the port_1280_for_Web

Fish and Chips ready to eat_1280_for_Web

Fly to Wellington

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Jet Starを利用して、ニュージーランドの首都Wellingtonへ。首都といっても小さな町でAucklandの方が大都市。



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A Trip to Devonport and Waiheke

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Looking back on Auckland_1280_for_Web

We decided to get out of the city for a while and take a ferry to Devonport, a seaside town across the harbor from Auckland, and then further on to an island named Waiheke, about a 40 minute Read more